"Loved it! Outstanding and good food!"
"Very Informative"
"Enjoyed it all!"
"I needed this show! Better every year!"
"My husband and I absolutely love coming to the Home and Garden Show. We come every year. In fact, my son and his family come with us as well. I have bought many things from the Home and Garden Show. I get some great deals, better than the store. We've bought large and small items from there, for example, we've gotten our last shed there. My daughter-in-law is really into crafts and quite a bit of her crafts have actually came from there. I also picked up a great landscaper there that has done our lawn several times. We love the food stands. It's a great fun day and I will be there again next year. It's a great place to go for enjoyment as well as seeing such beautiful displays and items for a low price. Can't wait until the next Home and Garden Show comes."
Nancy P.