Why Exhibit At The Maryland Craft Shows?

As a prospective exhibitor we understand you want to know:
Do you get a high number of motivated buyers to attend?
Are the exhibitors high quality?
Does the promoter have a proven track record?


  • Each of the 3 weekends we hold our shows attract 20,000+ craft enthusiasts.
  • All year long we connect with the community and educate them on the value of buying handcrafted using our website, Facebook and our newsletter.


  • All of our exhibitors are high quality juried crafts.
  • Exhibitor numbers are kept at no more than 145 to balance variety, quality without over-saturating craft categories.


  • Experience: S&L has produced events since 1981.
  • Return Rate: 72% of our exhibitors for our most recent show were previous exhibitors.
  • Value: We offer below average costs and above average results according to exhibitors.
  • Working “with” exhibitors is a big reason why our shows have been so successful.
  • Convenience: We strive to make our shows as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Maryland Home & Garden Show/Spring Craft Show 

 Own their home: 88%

 Age: under 25 5%  26-35  24%  36-50   41%    50+   30%

 Household Income:  under $30k  7%    $31k-$60k   16%    $61k-100k   41%   over $100k   36%

 Approx. home value:   under $150k  4%    $151k-$250k   26%    $251k-$400k   37%       $400k +   33%