"What a wonderful surprise this week to receive your phone call telling me that I had tied for having the most customers to enter the Maryland Holiday Craft Show using my tickets. My sales for the weekend were fantastic and I had a really positive experience the whole weekend. I did work hard to make sure that I talked to and distributed the tickets to interested customers for several weeks ahead of time and it worked! Thank you also for making sure that I had the tickets in September to hand out to customers who came to other craft shows which I attend. It was a great way for me to advertise the MD Holiday Craft Show. I also include my up and coming shows on my business cards and photographs which I give out to many potential customers. I also contacted customers individually by email and by regular mail to invite them to the show and to offer them a ticket. This year I printed postcards of my work and sent them with a personal note to many past customers. As I thanked my customers and friends this week for helping me to win, I received some interesting feedback. Several people told me how much they enjoyed the show and one person thanked me for re-introducing them to the show. They used to attend all the time but hadn't come for several years. She told me that the ticket got her there this year but that she will come back next year even if she doesn't get a free ticket. I had been meaning to write to you to give you feedback and to thank you for your management of the show. Everything went so smoothly and you always have such a calm and positive demeanor about yourself. The free tickets were a wonderful idea and I know that people felt very honored to receive them. I am hopeful that you will be able to continue to distribute the tickets to vendors, at least in the near future. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you at the spring show and of course again next year in the fall."
Peggy Hugus
"You have always been so nice. You manage a well run event. It has been a pleasure to know you."
Ursula Cain-Jordan
ElizaJane Fine Art
"Though we have not known you for long, we were impressed by the way you handled vendors' requests, the helpfulness of your staff, and the consideration that you have put into each and every show. "
Raymond Wong
G's Glory Handbags
"Yep, you're a part of my business relationships over the years also. You and your family are part of the "good" experiences that I have had over these many years."
Richard Levitt
"Mr. Blockhead"