Why Exhibit?

Consumers today are spending more and more time inside and outside their largest investment…their home! As home buying slows down, consumers are improving the home they live in. Our goal is to bring buyers of these services to you so you can show what you can do “face to face”. This year’s event will again be the highlight of the Spring season. Since 1981, this successful event has proven to be a great source of leads and sales for home and garden businesses across the country. Our promotion is second to none as we have over 30 years of experience using radio, television, newspaper, billboards, magazines, discount coupons, group tickets, press releases and now social media to help promote this huge event. We are the leading Home & Garden Show in Maryland and we are committed to your success. Below are demographics for the show.

Maryland Home & Garden Show/Spring Craft Show 

 Own their home: 89%

 Age: under 25 5%  26-35  24%  36-50   44%    50+   27%

 Household Income:  under $30k  5%    $31k-$60k   15%    $61k-100k   42%   over $100k   38%

 Approx. home value:   under $200k  4%    $200k-$250k   17%    $251k-$400k   36%       $400k +   44%