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Clariza Clay Pot Swings

Clariza Clay Pot Swings
10 Sandpiper Lane
Sea Bright NJ
Booth: 1435

Company Description:

Clariza’s Clay Pot Swings is a rustic vertical gardening apparatus I create in my wood shop for vertical gardening of your plants, herbs, cactus & succulents in standard clay pots for Urbanites & Suburbanites to utilize small spaces to maximize their gardening pleasure.

From “Lumber Yard to Your Yard” is how I describe my craft as I do start by spending time at the lumber yard picking out my lumber for my 20 plus items that I design and craft for either standing or hanging your favorite foliage inside or outside. I use a combination of Sapele Mahogany, Cedar, White Oak and Pine type woods.

Clariza’s Clay Pot Swings helps plant lovers green up their indoor space, no matter how little space they have. Particularly perfect for growing plants, herbs, cactus and succulents, everyone from suburbanites to urbanites are embracing the classic and sturdy woodworking and finishing.

Show Specials:

A sturdy 2 pot swing in a choice of 10 colors and 2 Terra Cotta Clay Pots at $27, regular price is $32, See Image 5

New Products

My newest creation is the 3-level plant shelf that we call a "Shwing" is strung together with paracord, each shelf is set with para locks so that each shelf is adjustable, all sizes accommodate 4" terra cotta pots and are included in the price, see i

Certifications & Awards

A Blue Ribbon for 1st place at the Wood Street Fair in Burlington, NJ for creative woodworking

Product Images:


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