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145 E Delilah Rd
Pleasantville NJ
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Company Description:

De' Vora Scratch Square for dogs, the ultimate enrichment puzzle toy designed for dogs of all breeds and life stages. This innovative product comes in four different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for dogs of all sizes. One of the main features of Scratch Square is its ability to allow pets to trim and file their own nails as they play and search for food. This unique design makes it a great tool for maintaining your dog's nail health while providing them with mental stimulation and entertainment. Scratch Square is a pet-safe, veterinarian-recommended product that is built to last. Made with durable rubber materials, it can withstand the rough play of even the most enthusiastic dogs. The De' Vora Kicks of Scratch Square are made of self-healing sandpaper, ensuring that they remain effective over time. They can be easily changed using industrial strength Velcro, providing a hassle-free nail trimming experience for both pets and pet parents. With Scratch Square, nail trimming becomes stress-free and fun, eliminating the need for traditional nail clipping methods that can often cause anxiety in pets. This interactive toy not only promotes physical and mental exercise for your dog but also promotes their overall nail health. Give your furry friend the enrichment they need while maintaining their nail health with De' Vora Scratch Square. Watch as they enjoy engaging in play, searching for food, and keeping their nails trim and filed all in one interactive toy.

Nail trimmer
Treat dispenser
Slow feeder
Puzzle toy

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30% off all of our products!

New Products

Extra Large Scratch Square, & Challenge up plugs for all sizes.

Certifications & Awards

Women Owned, Best products- APPA, Best Grooming Product- WPO Most Innovated- Pet Business

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