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Simply Whimsical Art

Simply Whimsical Art
Millersville MD
Booth: C214

Company Description:

My name is Victoria, I have always been a bit of a doodler but when I started homeschooling, my three children, I needed a hobby for me time. After painting and coloring I started drawing. Eventually my husband suggested we try to sell some paintings. That was nearly 7 years ago.

I typically draw animals or other nature inspired pieces. I love color and find drawing the details and patterns relaxing. I have discovered my best art happens when inspiration has struck randomly. I don’t work as well with requests or guides. I typically start by looking at a few reference pictures and sketch an outline, with paper and pencil. Once the outline looks right it is time to add the fun stuff. Sometimes I draw the details and designs and then color them in. Other times I color in the image and then ink the details and fine lines. There have been quite a few I have nearly finished, and I scrap and start over. An image could take anywhere from 5-6 hours from start to finish, or months, and for a few even years. I have quite a few that I am working on at once. Once they are done, I find symbolism, meanings, or characteristics that really connect with image I drew, I find a name with a meaning similar to their characteristics and then write a short story.

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