8 "BOO"-zey Drinks That Will Slay at Any Halloween Party

Oct 30, 2015, 16:32 PM
The big day is almost here! We’ve been counting down for weeks, sharing decor ideas and spooky recipes, and now the wait is nearly over. Halloween is this Saturday and we couldn’t be more excited. Whether you’re throwing your own scary shindig or attending a friend’s fearsome fiesta, we’ve got some gruesome drinks you’ve got to make this year! You’ll be the host with the most or the best guest – either way, we’re sure everyone will be excited to sip these themed bevvies.

Mr. Hyde Potion – Let your inner monster out (in a good way!) with this creepy concoction. Dry ice creates a nice effect, but isn’t totally necessary for this fun drink.
Image via HGTV

Fallen Froggie – Melon liquor, Irish crème, and grenadine combine (or rather, don’t quite combine) to create this neat-looking shot. 
Image via DrinkedIn

Spooky Sangria – Think sangria is just for sipping on patios in the summer? Think again! With a little spiced brandy and some colorful sugar, this summery beverage is perfect for Halloween.
Image via Well Plated

Vampire-tini – This clever drink is simple to make and so much fun! We love the vampire teeth garnish. They’re sweet, spooky, and perfect if someone forgot a costume!
Image via Cooking With Sugar

Black & Orange RumPunch – With two kinds of rum this cocktail certainly packs a punch! A nice mix of orange, pineapple, and lime juice, it’s sure to keep everyone refreshed.
Image via Brit + Co

Black Licorice Delight – First of all, we’ve got to say: black ice cubes are beyond perfect for Halloween! Add them to this cocktail and any other you decide to make this year. Second: this is a seriously delicious drink. We’re big fans of black licorice, so this bevvy is right up our alley. If you love all things anise or licorice, this is definitely a must-make.
Image via Camille Styles

Brain Hemorrhage – We couldn’t resist sharing another crème based shooter where the ingredients don’t quite mix. This brain hemorrhage shot is genius! It looks positively disgusting and is a breeze to put together. Everyone will say yuck, then yum!
Radish Eyeballs – Ok, you caught us. This isn’t a drink, but rather a garnish recipe. That said, it’s one heck of a garnish recipe (Martha Stewart never disappoints). Add some spooky flare to any of your Halloween drinks with a grape, lychee, blueberry, or cranberry eyeball! With so many flavors, there’s sure to be a kind that compliments your beverage.
Image via Martha Stewart

We hope these cocktail recipes help to add a little fun and warmth to your Halloween party. As always, please enjoy them responsibly and never drink and drive. We hope you and yours have a spooktacular Halloween!